i have a williams wall furnace that a customer is wanting to get going again, hasn't ran in probably over ten years.
the model # 35GV-5 s# A47820
Does not look like it has a blower assembly, the only wall heaters i've dealt with in the past have had blowers that come on to heat the space. it has a mv generator gas valve. pilot will come on and stay lit, turn knob to on position. the wires go under the slab to a remote t stat i would imagine but that's long gone. jumpered the two terminals that would be made if the t stat was calling but main burner never would come on. so i'm assuming that either my pilot generator is bad or the gas valve is bad or a combination of both since it's been inactive for so long. i didn't measure mv will tomorrow. just curious what that reading should be. and also if this model is designed to not work with a blower. thanks in advance.