Hello there, I'm hoping this site will be beneficial and I hope to be a help to others here as well. Well, I've always had a mechanical inclination and was encouraged by my step-dad. I remember when I was a teen one Saturday morning my step-dad walked out of the house and found that I had the intake manifold of my mom's LTD on the driveway. Instead of panicking, he asked what I was doing very calmly and then said 'o.k.' and walked back into the house. My step-dad end up suggesting that I attend HVAC trade school back in '85 and I've been in the field ever since. (By the way, I was replacing the intake manifold gasket because we had determined that it was leaking in my high school auto shop class.)
I've worked for two companies in the last 26 years, both commercial/industrial HVAC. I've been a service tech most of that time and then transitioned into controls and automation about 8 years ago. I work almost exclusively with Trane controls. I've installed Summit, SC and ES and have had training on all.
Thanks for having me, I'm looking forward to some dialogue.