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    heat pump frosted, is it normal

    this morning, around 7am, i turn down my thermostat from 70F to 66F while heat pump compressor was runnung for 5 minutes, then i heard the outdoor unit stop running, and i just happen to walk outside, i saw top and buttom frosted white, middle no frost, is that a sign of leak or low charge? or normal operation? outdoor temperature around 39F at the time, last night it has been running about 16 to 20 minutes per cycle every hour while maintaining indoor at 70F.

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    Depends upon how the system is circuited. Heating uses less refrigerant than cooling and the outdoor coil is way bigger than the indoor coil. In the winter when it is the evaporator, it may not be unusual to see striping like that. Sounds like it is heating the house just fine. 30s especially if humid are the worst frosting conditions.

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    Looks like normal operation.

    Frost is normal. Thick ice is not normal.

    Your system will initiate a defrost sequence when the logic board parameters are met.

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