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    TAC Dealer Locator?

    Can someone tell me if there is a TAC dealer locator for on Schneider Electrics website? The website is not user friendly! I do know of one dealer/contractor in my area but want to find another! I'm really wanting to find out if I can purchase Workplace Tech and license through another dealer other than what seems to be the only local dealer that is not wanting to sell the software.

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    TAC is now listed all as Schneider electric products but not quite sure what u r looking for the way u worded it.

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    They have different divisions through Schneider.

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    Yep, agreed the website seems to be difficult to navigate, try this -

    Or if you want to say your general location then some of us may know who your local rep may be.
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    where is you area?
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    A number to call

    According to a recent email that I got from Tridium Tech support, they said:

    > If you need to find a different Niagara supplier, we recommend you
    > give Schneider a shout at (815) 637-3000. They will have a master
    > list of every reseller in Schneider's distribution channel, and we're
    > sure they can find one in your area.

    So, that might be something to try.

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