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    Quote Originally Posted by esornivram View Post
    you missed my point, If they respect me give me an credit card, or gas card.
    why does an company expect me to pay their bills?
    especially when they hold back pay check for week, but i have to pay out for their operating cost imediately. its their costs, why am i paying them?
    that my point. their costs are their responsibility to pay. this process is using my credit to cover them. this ISNT my responsibility. its theirs, from the very begining. its just an hook to get your funds involved in the company.
    then does the owner have to do this? I would guess he has an company card to pay his company expenses. gas, hotels, etc.
    the expense of the operation of the company is the company's not the employee's,
    I did this ONCE and the company wouldnt pay me for my time it took to keep these records and time to send it all in and wait for the money to come back,
    thats money and time out of my familly life, food thats not on the table for an week or bills not paid till i get the funds back, & time that i WASNT being compensated for,. however if they had these record keeping in the office they would have to pay someone to keep track. it is an way for the company to get something that woud normally be a cost and put it on the employee and not pay him for it, thats my point.FEDERAL Law say anything i do that is for the employer I get compensated for, they miss this and think some dont know the law.
    I am not an pro book keeper, they would be able to do this much more cost effectively in comparison to my time, thats my point,
    now if they give me an petty cash funds up front then the funds are not out of my food money. then it would not be so bad, however my time still isnt free, and back to cost effectiveness versus my bookeeping
    Getting a little off topic here, but the last company I worked for pulled the same crap. No credit card, no petty cash, and then it would take 6 to 8 weeks to get reimbursed.

    I paid cash for a pressure washer at the companies request. Dropped $285.00 on a portable washer and when I turned in the receipt they decided they may not need it after all. Fought with them for over 2 months to get my $285.00 back.

    We did have a company gas card, but 3 times last summer the card was denied. I paid for the fuel the first time (took 3 weeks to get it back) the last two times I just sat in the parking lot until they got it figured out - on the clock.

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    1- Integrity of the company and Management. If you have been in your town awhile you know who is shady and who is not, who pushes you to sell parts and who wants you to fix it right even if the invoice could have been padded plenty. It is me the customer looks in the eye- I ain't flinching because the boss just bought a boat and needs to pay for it.

    2- turnover of employees. I don't plan on working at a particular co. for the rest of my life but if nobody working there is over 40 or they have been there for two years but the co. has been around for twenty... sounds like I won't really have to worry about being a lifer there so why bother even starting?

    3-The JOB. Description of duties required as well as the customers served.
    There are market chains (customers) I honestly don't want to work with- some for management reasons, others for sanitation ( or the lack thereof).
    Am I going to have to collect $2K CODs? Some don't mind that, some do.
    What is the duty schedule? Is it a position I can enjoy? (No pun intended).
    Interesting? Hours? Seasonal?

    4- Benefits. Long term, short term, educational instruction. Reimbursement procedures for cash outlays- I don't mind putting out some cash to get a job done but I expect my employer to jump on getting MY money in MY pocket ASAP- "don't make me hold 500lbs of R502 hostage!"

    5- Pay.

    Please note these are not really in an order of importance because paying my bills really is important. I do not like switching out my truck, and I want to improve those places I go so I don't look to jump ship for a dollar more-
    never went that path.
    Look, just do your job, stay outta my way and we'll get along fine.

    Teach your kids to respect themselves and others with your actions- these little baboons will imitate you like it or not.

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    ram, sorry. I misunderstood your point. My point was that a boss dont need to make it complex WHEN a worker does need to pay out of their pocket for company materials or other expences.

    However, I do agree with you that the boss SHOULD supply you with the resources to work in the field.
    And unless they give you a VISA or other universal creidt card, they NEED to supply you with ample petty cash.
    One employer of mine kept my bank bag full to the tune of $200. When this dwindled, I simply turned into the bookkeeper all the receipts in the zippered bag and viola, it was replenished INSTANTLY.

    I agree an "employee" does NOT need to be funding his employer's operation.

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    I worked for this one guy... he invited me to come 500 miles to help him out, POST Katrina.
    now y'all know I'm a nice guy. But heck fire... I didnt go there for my health!!!
    And once I get sat down in this sucker's office, he tries to come up with reasons why he dont want to pay me what I asked for!!!

    I have decided to give him a whole chapter in my new book. He is quite a piece of work, indeed!

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    1. honesty. no bull****. Don't tell me you are going to give me something and don't.

    2. fair pay for fair work.

    3. If I have to go out of pocket for a job reimburse me that pay period, (are you listening ##USA?) not 6 months later when I have to threaten legal action.

    4. If I wanted to sell stuff I would be in sales. I am a tech. If I sell the customer parts or a unit it is because they need it. That isn't where my salary comes from and don't expect salary to be dependent on it.

    5. And just as important as the rest The company needs to be honest and have decent management. MANAGE the damn operation

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    i like chamber work just no czn

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