I am in the middle of a renovation for our HVAC system at the Jersey Shore and need advice. Our 1st floor ducts run through the unconditioned crawlspace. Conditioning the crawlspace is difficult because we have groundwater and surface water periodically entering the crawlspace.
As of today, the trunkline is wrapped in bubble wrap with a small airspace (accomplished using 3" wide bands of bubble wrap every 2' as spacers) and the bare metal branchlines are to be encased in sprayfoam. All ducts are rigid. I am considering sprayfoaming the trunkline.

The only question I have is if we sprayfoam over the bubble wrap will there be any negative ramifications either structurally or in r-value? The sprayfoam is 130 degrees at application. Both the HVAC and insulation contractor don't have a definitive answer. I will remove all bubble wrap if necessary but would prefer not too.