Well here is the issue. Will fill then heat turns on but we are unable to get the thing to drain. It will start to process that request you hear the motor humm then few moments later motor will shut down. I actually think it is the motor capacitor
that is humming. The motor shaft turns freely by hand. The drain is not plugged. Today I am checking the hose to drain to make sure it is less then 17 inches from bottom of unit to top of drain pipe.

We pulled motor and pump together as one piece and have taken it in to be tested. If the motor is in fact bad Hobart says that I should replace pump and motor as one unit for the very low price of just $860.00. So any ideas on this drain thing?

Also will the onboard booster heater actually get water to 180? My building water heater has a direct line to machine and we set incoming water to 150.

Hope I can figure out how to get back to this forum.