JACE/ Niagara AX integration with a Honeywell Excel Link Q7645A Controller.

Is it possible?

The device has a CBUS port, however, there is a modem module installed. The Modem installation paperwork on site says the Excel Link Local CBUS port will be disabled when the modem module is installed.

We need to find out if simply removing the modem will allow us to tie into the CBUS port after removal and powering up of the controller. We can’t access any paper work on the device, the Honeywell website requires a login to access these as the cutsheets are “Unpublished”.

I know the CBUS demo driver works, cause we used it at a separate job. The goal of this integration is to Monitor some space temps on the CNAP ( Delta Net Microcell Controllers ) Network that is tied into the excel link.

There are no other CBUS controllers on this job. The Customer lost the Honeywell software a long time ago, and the modem / dial capability is useless to him at this point.

Not sure if software and a connection to the BPORT is required to reenable the Bport..

I also hear that there is a Honeywell BPORT driver sold through them.. Would that be a better option? The Controller has a BPORT.

I know this Control System is antiquated, the customer doesn't want much other than to monitor zone temps etc.

There are about 100 Microcells, and using the old handheld tool you can surf the cells.. In a very slow fashion.