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    Most Efficient Way to heat MY house

    Hi all, new to this forum, and new to my house!

    I just bought a 2600 sq ft ranch that has a boiler system with radiant heat, a pellet stove that is rated to heat about 2400 sq ft, and a forced air A/C System. The boiler system has 3 zones - 1 for the main living area except the 2 bedrooms on that floor, 1 for the 2 bedrooms, and 1 for the finished basement (including 1 bedroom).

    The pellet stove is at the bottom of the stairs to the basement, pointing toward the stairs, which are about the center of the house.

    what I've done so far is to run the pellet stove, with the A/C unit set to Fan - On, and "Heat", which causes the fan to run, but only slowly. What I believe to be the cold air return is near the ceiling at the top of the stairs, so my thought is that the A/C fan will pull the heated air from the stove and redistribute.

    Now that it has been in the 10 to -10 degree F range outside, the pellet stove just can't keep the house more than about 62 degrees... which would be ok for me, but the wife and daughter aren't so keen on the idea.

    Here come the questions - In order to keep the house a bit warmer on these days, I have a couple thoughts.
    1. I could set all 3 t-stats at some minimal level (say 66F) and let the boiler cycle as it needs to.
    2. I could close off the only zone I can (2 bedrooms) and set that t-stat to a comfortable level
    3. When the pellet stove can't keep up, just shut it down and let the boiler do it's thing.

    It comes down to, what is the least inefficient way to run the boiler? Is it really wasteful to let it cycle? Is it really wasteful to only use it in a couple rooms (i.e. the water is already hot, why not use it everywhere)?Should I just let it run continuously?

    Long first post, but thanks for your advice.


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    Set thermostats to a temp comfortable for everyone and let boiler add the additional heat that the pellet stove can't provide.
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