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    Quote Originally Posted by fengshvac View Post
    Problem: furnace is not working, no heat.

    Cause: somebody installed this thermostat and didn't take out the white plastic piece in the middle of the thermostat, so when you turn the heat on, it didn't close the contact and call for heat.

    Solution: take the white plastic piece out and call for heat, heat turns on.
    So, you're saying this works on all types of furnaces? There's more than one white plastic piece. Should I take them all out?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pauls heating & View Post
    can the mods pull out the spammer hammer on this fruitcake...
    No!!!!!!!!! Don't remove our entertainment!!

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    billg, this is the Ask Our Pro's forum, and only Pro members that have been vetted by the AOPC may post advise, commentary or ask questions of the OP here. Please apply to the AOPC today, thank you.

    You can find the rules for posting and qualifications here.

    Your post has been deleted.
    Further infractions may result in loss of posting privileges.
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    Now you did it, the white piece is part of a fuel saver device. Now the heater is going to cause a larger gas bill to happen!
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