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    installed a gas log in an existing wood fireplace. customer says it is too loud. sometimes it makes a put put sound. there's 17" of 1/2"
    iron pipe leaving fireplace connected to 1/2" gas tite pipe. Is the corragated flex the problem? thank's in advance. gas tite is used in many new homes in Ca.

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    Well, You have to consider all the gas useing appliances and the length and size of the gas line to each. There may be some math involved.
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    you need a gas tite sizing chart which you can get on thier webpage. Use the longest run method to calculate it. Also check if there is an applicance connector inside the firebox hooking up the logset to the gas line. Those are the most likly culprit for making noise.

    I don't really know what a "put put" sound is so I'm not sure if you are talking about the gas line whistling or what.

    A lot of people complain about the pilot itself being too loud, when the logs are off. Check if there is a small set screw on the front of the valve. Turn it clockwise to turn the pilot down just enough so it stops making noise.

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    What kind of burner is it and is it NA or LP? Pan burners need to be filled, with sand for NA or vermiculite for LP, to the top or you will get noise. As some one said flex lines will whistle, you know it is the flex because if you reach in and move the flex it will change the pitch, you can go to a larger flex or take away a tight bend and it might take the whistle away. I have also tried a different flex and that worked.

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    Thank's everyone

    the log set is a simple , match light!
    I came off the original 3/4" black iron. this is after W H. and furnace,only . 20 ' run of 1/2" gas tite. I terminated it with 17"s of
    solid 1/2" to unit. I run the log and ,normal sound, to Me.
    I think they're a little over sensitave!

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    I have seen the "put-put" happen when gas pockets form under the rockwool and ignites from time to time. That gives an occasional popping sound. Maybe that will help.

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    There are several things that can cause the phenomenon you described. Since pipe sizing is the easiest, I'd start there as others above described. You can do a simple test to see if that might be the problem: replace the flex connector with the largest diameter one you can find. Preferrably, a 5/8th's inch diameter in the shortest length that will fit.

    With CSST, you can replace the existing run with larger diameter.

    Another common culprit is a dirty pilot orifice, which you clean--not replace.

    If you have too much ember material on the burner, (which I call the dead squirrel effect--looks like an animal carcass), it changes the port loading on the burner and can create pockets that get too much primary air, which changes the flame speed which can cause the flame to burn back into the burner where it detonates little pockets of gas. Kinda' like a woodstove backpuffing.

    Another often overlooked cause is the medium pressure regulator feeding the house. You don't hear or see it at other applinaces when these go back except possibly at the range top in the kitchen. See if the flame dance there.

    Most of the time, it is a simple function of burner design with gas delivered. Can you record gas pressures at the burner for both manifold and inlet pressure under full load?

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