Went out today to do a simple coil-pull-and -clean and low and behold a huge problem. Went to do a pump down and shut the liquid line service valve and guess what? It would not shut down. I took and pressed down on it to get the threads started but that did not work. Duhhhhhhhh......

Had to explain to the customer that I now need to replace service valve as well as the coil clean. Lucky he understood and I grabbed the recover tank and recovery machine to reclaim the R22. Cut coil out and cleaned with my coil gun, man I love that thing.

Reinstalled coil and added new heat pump dryer while at it. Cut service valve out and installed new one. Charged to proper superheat using my Amp-probe to take WB readings and plugged in the super heat reading to SMAN3 to dial it in.

I am thinking the installer must have cooked the valve and when he opened the valve on start up , front seated to valve to much. What do you guys think?

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