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    New Purchase / Old System

    I've recently co-invested in a new building with a mis-matched A/C system. I had an A/C guy come out that we've used on our small rental properties, and he's always done a good job in the past, but I think he may be a bit out of his league at this point. He's replaced some control wiring and copper, flushed the systems, and recharged it. It's running well, but he didn't want to touch the Carrier Comfort Zone 2 system. I've tested all the lines running from the control board to the dampers and they are working. The control board has been cut away from the air handler on both sides (by the board and by the thermostat). I wouldn't know where to begin with diagnosing it other than making sure the wiring is intact. My question regarding this is how to manually move the dampers since the control board is not currently functioning. The dampers are set to not open beyond 45 degrees and some are stuck at 20ish degrees. I've included a link to pictures. The control board is 20130122_150135.jpg and the damper control is P1000567.JPG.

    My other question is on the return air side. All of the return air ducting comes into a large rectangular box which then goes into the system. The sticker has deteriorated, but it seems it is a bypass? The problem I'm wondering is if it is installed incorrectly. Since it's the return side of the system, the airflow should be going towards the air handler, but it shows it is going away. This is image P1000560.JPG.

    Included in the link is also a zip file with some more images if they help. Here is the site. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I still need to find someone (in the Orlando area) that would know how to integrate the Comfort Zone system so if there is anyone here who would be able to give me a quote, I'd appreciate it. Until then, If I can manually adjust the dampers and check on the return air I'll be in a good position going forward. Thanks.

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    Also, if you look at P1000562.JPG you'll see the box that all the flex connects to. There are 2 coming down the front, 1 going out the left, and 1 going out the back. Those all have the dampers on them. The 1 coming out of the top goes to the return vents. That's not right, is it?

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    no link included.
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    I'm sorry if it isn't showing up for you. The link is in the first post, but here it is again. Link Or if that isn't showing it's at
    Thanks for looking this over with me.

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    Is there some kind of tool that I can use to supply the 24v to the dampers to adjust them? I'm afraid if I grab them without knowing how they work I might break them and I'd rather a pro test the control board.

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    Call a commercial company or residential/commercial.

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    Anyone on here work in the Western Central Florida Area that would be willing to come give an estimate on what it would take to wire the dampers back together?

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