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This country will not work for long if we operate a dog-eat-dog mentality where everyone is out to profit by literally screwing everyone they can. Freedom cannot survive that kind of childish greed.
I love this quote, agree 100% and I agree with you on most the points you make there; however, to clarify when I was talking about profits since 2010 not just the profits earned this year from publishing those. 2010 is the year she was made President of the company and Chief Operating Officer, 2011 she was named CEO. She worked for 27 years in that company with 12 years prior in the banking field and did a good job, her making that much money does seem outlandish but give credit where credit is due, she probably earned it.
People like her are not the issue. Our country will not work for long on a selfish greedy attitude I agree but anyone who works for what they have, even if it seems really extreme is not the type of selfish greed I see destroying our country. I see our country being destroyed by a selfish greed where people just want everything handed to them blaming their problems on anything but themselves. Alot of our citizens are taking the approach of "I have no money and its too hard to make money so I will just live off of those that have worked for theirs". I had a discussion the other day while changing a compressor with a 26 year old college graduate who said he paid for the education with government grants, and who lived in a house with his mother on his grandfathers ranch and neither of them worked. The grandfather whom I believe he said was 82 was out in the field working and both of them lived off food stamps, disability and unemployment while the old man was paying their bills. He said rich people had enough money they could pay higher taxes to fund programs because they didnt need or deserve that much money. THAT is what is going to kill our country's operation.