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    Trane UC600 - Remove AHU Profile

    Good afternoon,
    Does anyone know how to reboot the UC600 so that it has no profile in it. I prefer the generic profile without the AHU profile. I dont really see the advantage of the profile. I always program the controllers, even the MP581 generic and add my own points. The AHU profile doesnt show my user created I/O's in Tracer ES very easily so I would like to start from scratch. I am using TU Ver 8.4 but cant seem to find a spot to reload back to factory default.
    Thanks from Steve

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    Goto controller settings page > click the grey area in bottom left of the screen(Above the USB connection image) , you will see clear controller and clear event receiver button appear in the top right. Clicking it will clear the database. create your own points. Do a back-up before doing this, in case you need to restore.

    you will see the profile advantage based on the applications(area,vas etc) you use in the system

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