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    Old Williamson Oil Burner

    All - I have a Williamson Oil Burner... Model: 1164-18-1 Style: 153 Ser: 7338294

    The owner had replaced the nozzle some time ago and has been experiencing issues since. The spec plate shows 1.35 GPH fuel flow, 185K BTU @ 145600 BTU/hr Bonnet.

    Does anyone know the correct nozzle size? Most of my contacts have suggested an 80 hollow.

    Thanks for the help.

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    You're probably going to have to do a nozzle test. I'll explain if you dont know.
    1. Put a 1.35 80A in. Run the burner for 10 minutes (steady state), adjusting draft first (of course), then adjust the air to get a #1 smoke.
    2. Without touching any other settings (especially the head setting), replace with the same nozzle firing rate, with an 80 B. Check smoke. If it's darker then #1, it'll take the hollow nozzle. If it's lighter (without touching the air setting), then it needs a solid nozzle.

    If it's lighter smoke number, adjust the air to #1 smoke again. Change nozzle to same firing rate and a 70B angle. Check smoke with the new nozzle. If its lighter, then stick with the 70B (you could repeat with a 60B, but it will most likely be worse. If its darker, but the 80B back in.

    If after step #2, the smoke number is darker, go back to the same firing rate nozzle with a 70A. If the smoke number is lighter, use the 70A. Check smoke number. If the smoke number is darker, use the 80A.
    Hope that helps and is not too confusing...
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    Was going to. Didn't want to buy to many nozzles and leave on the truck. Dad did all the oil work, i seldom get calls now. Was hoping someone knew the correct nozzle offhand. Thanks for the help!

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    Np. CORRECTION on the nozzle test!! You do the test with a #2 smoke. The best that old burner might do is trace-to a #1 smoke

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