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    Inducer Fan Motor noise

    I had to have the original inducer fan replaced on my Heil DC90 [NUGM100EHB1 12+ yrs.old] gas furnace because it was dripping water.
    The same HVAC company that installed the furnace replaced the inducer with the FASCO A170, and I immediately noticed an unpleasant noise from the inducer fan motor -- a higher pitch like a hair dryer that you can hear throughout my house. The HVAC people replaced the A170 three times (they thought they had a bad batch of noisy "rattling" motors). I finally clarified with the HVAC people that it was not a rattling noise, and they say it's just the normal sound of the inducer running that's creating the noise I hear.
    Bottom line is now when my furnace runs there's a constant high pitched noise (almost the tone when you inhale whistle, but it's not an airflow sound). The original inducer fan that began dripping was disposed by the HVAC tech, and it barely made any sound when running.


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    Sounds like to me you got a "universal" part and not an OEM part. Call Heil and see if the Fasco A170 is the exact replacement part. Should not get that much noise from an induced draft motor.

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    Could it be the wrong restrictor plate?
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    Quote Originally Posted by 2old2rock View Post
    Could it be the wrong restrictor plate?
    Or did they put one in at all?

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