Greetings All. I've been asked by a friend to assist in selecting replacement HVACs in her home. Its a high ceilinged multi-unit 7 storey condo/loft building with gas furnace in the basement and a water tower on the roof. This space is about 2500 sq ft open space with an enclosed bathroom at one end. I think ceilings are 14'. There are 3 McQuay 1 or 11/2 ton console type units placed under her windows. They are ABOUT 4' long, 9" W, 29" H, with controls and thermostat at the end of the vents on top. These are 220 volt, of course, with dedicated 60amp circuit breakers. The old units have to go, all three. We're wondering what's out there thats better. These units are a little noisy, (other residents say this too), but otherwise efficient and the resident heating maintenance people claim they're the best.
Any legit ideas will be further explored.
Thanks very much for your time and opinion.