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    Student has quit Lurking in the shadows finally

    Hello to everyone,

    My name is Bryan,

    I finally quit lurking in the shadows after a year now of reading and gleaning stories and your experiences in the hvac field.
    Reading about HVAC here has been very informative to say the least.

    I have always had an interest in this field and preety much any thing to do with so called "Green Jobs and technologies".

    I come from a background in Information systems, Before that pretty much anything construction trade wise, Can you say "Laborer".

    I always wanted something specialized to live out my days doing. Do to influences of folks in my surroundings, (All retired HVAC and Electricians) i decided HVAC was what i wanted to learn about.

    I am Currently a fulltime HVAC student at an accredited Technical school. It gives me lots of opportunity to learn, with lots of great instructors that actually work in the field, or have in the past. Lots of hands on as well.

    I have been reading hvac-talk forums for quite some time now, even before enrolling in school. so now that i am living and breathing school every waking moment of my life, i have decided to also enroll here, so as to have opportunity to possibly ask questions as the need arises, and who knows, maybe hopefully, someday, depart some of my rookie newfound knowledge...

    Coming from a background of computer and network support, Both in residential and business Service and troubleshooting, I am so far looking forward to the day when i can provide heating and cooling solutions to folks as well.

    I always enjoyed helping folks in my old field, and hoping that at some point i can do the same in this one as well.

    Anyway, Thank you all for this opportunity. I really like the HVAC topic in general.

    Looking forward to continued interacting with you all.

    Thank you.

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    Welcome. There is a lot of good information here, you can get your post count past 15 and apply to be a professional member, then there is even more. Good luck in school, I just graduated about 4 1/2 years ago.

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    Welcome. Get your post count up to 15 and apply for pro membership. There is a ton of info is the pro forums that is not available to regular members.

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    Thanks guys, I appreciate the welcome, and i will work toward that access to your pro areas.
    i read alot, so having more opportunity to sub areas for information would be great.

    I will be lurking in the shadows,

    the best to you all.

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    welcome aboard, there are members on this board that were around when Willis stole that french dudes concept of cooling.
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    Welcome I was the same way Lurking in the shadows finally started to be part of the forum community.

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