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    York condenser unit not kicking on via thermostat, but works fine with override.

    Disclaimer: I'm not sure where "advice" ends and DIY begins, so my apologies if this becomes taboo. Please just say the word and I'll stop and call a professional. Although money is an issue, it's not the end of the world. I am skilled with electrical work as it's required in my profession, although I am technically an amateur and have no professional license of any sort.


    York E1RA036S06D (air heat/ac pump) condenser unit fails to turn on via thermostat controls. Operates only when using the override button on the contactor block.
    Note: Air is handler working fine.


    • Eliminated the thermostat and therm wire as a problem as I have shorted the red and yellow wires at the unit itself, no joy, just a clicking sound.
    • Air handler works fine but will not shut off as temp never drops (seems normal, right?)
    • Capacitor has been ruled out since contactor button engages system and effectively cools, but stops the moment the button is released.
    • Voltage at base of contactor is 240 as should be expected.
    • Tested voltage from contactor on the sides (low voltage) and got nothing. This may be the red flag, but I'm not certain.
    • No noises or strange behavior from the unit is detected when using the manual button.
    • Nothing seems to be shorted in the control area (no dead lizards, ants, etc.)
    • No char marks or obvious signs of an electrical short can be seen.


    We hit the DIY mark and then some.... Time to call in a Pro and BTW your way off on your diagnosis
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    We hit the DIY mark and then some.... Time to call in a Pro and BTW your way off on your diagnosis

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    Oh well, thank you for at least giving me that much. I'll make the call. Thanks!

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