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    Niagara AX Network Time Protocol kicking my butt

    Apparently we have been lucky for years on this as i have never given time sync much thought. We have two FX60s in a school district though that can't keep time well(migrating from NCMs slowly). One loses about 10 minutes per month and the other gains about the same.

    They are at a Tridium 3.6 version so they have the NtpPlatformServiceQnx in them as opposed to the old method. Ethernet settings are good and i have tried individual servers,, and others and it never syncs. I am suspecting that there is something blocking the requests on their network but i'm not certain.

    Can someone post a screen shot of the configuration for NTP from a Jace that are known for certain to work so i can eliminate that part of the puzzle? Any other advice would be appreciated as well.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance,


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    This is from my FX help file. This is how to set it up with an FX server though. It should get you in the right direction

    How do I setup Time Sync between my FX20/40/60 and FX Server?


    1) Add the Time Sync client to the FX40 (found under Administration), click new, then click OK.

    2) Double-click on the Time Sync Client and fill in the information about the Server (name and IP address):

    3) Click OK.
    4) Go to the Property Sheet of the Time Service and edit as desired (update interval, etc):
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    5) Repeat the above steps in FX Server, except enter the IP address of the FX40 into the Server Name field and the name of the FX40 station in the Name field.

    Also here is a link for time servers all over the country

    Hope this helps

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    from that last link:

    2. All of the NIST time servers will stop supporting the "TIME" protocol that uses tcp port 37 on 1 March 2013. This protocol is very expensive in terms of network bandwidth, since it uses the complete tcp machinery to transmit only 32 bits of data. We will continue to support the udp version of this protocol. However, users are *strongly* encouraged to upgrade to the network time protocol (NTP), which is both more accurate and more robust.

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