Lots of pictures of my work cleaning refrigeration equipment. Typically on greasy stuff, NuBrite is what I use to get all the grease removed. Then I wash with water hose to get all the chemicals out so it doesn't eat away the coil!

Cleaning a Traulsen Reach-In-Cooler condenser. If it's a single section Traulsen on casters, you can lean it back and prop up the front casters; this allows the NuBrite & water to drain out the back and not short out the electronics. But on this old two-door pass through with glass doors built into the counter, I had to use a ShopVac to collect the NuBrite and water as I rinsed it with a water hose.

This is a smaller Traulsen cooler I cleaned by tilting it back and washing it with a water hose / Nubrite:

Here is a dirty condenser on a Kairak prep table. It was built into the counter, so it got "missed" on the PM just done about a week before the pic was taken. Before & After

Taylor Margarita Machines typically suck air through the machine and blow air out the condenser, so the coil will look clean on the outside but be loaded with dirt on the inside of the coil (where you cannot access it). This is how I was taught to clean them, you unbolt the condenser coil and bend it out, then you have access to clean.

Custom undercounter cooler with Heatcraft evaporator. Salad stations tend to get dirty really quick. No need for NuBrite here, just a water hose and a squee-jee (to remove water afterwards)