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    Pressure Reducing Station Information.

    To Whom It May Concern:
    With regard to a Pressure reducing station 100# to 30# to 5#. The 5# end stage of reducer that goes downline to HX Control Valve. Can that end Prs fluctuate a little under 5# to a little over 6#. Is that just a demand +/-1# differential for load varying? We have a watts regulator. Should This 5# be on the money?

    Bob C.

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    i am guessing your reffering to a gas( vaporous) system. or are you asking about a different fluid?

    flucation will be more about the demand load. especialy if its a load close to the regulators max flow. regulators are rated for minimum and max load size. generally one should size regulator size so that minimum load is higher than 25% of regulator rated , and max load is 7/8 of max rated, this cuts down on hunting of regulator,

    and the flucation is the regulator working. and load of demand.
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