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    Why is this costing me a FORTUNE?

    I need a bit of advise as my current hvac guy's competency is coming into question more and more. I recently bought a house in SE Pennsylvania. It is a cape cod built in 1952, brick construction, 1638 sq ft. Two adults and an infant live here. When we bought it the furnace had an asbestos heat shield and needed to be replaced. Since our a/c was quickly coming to the end of its life as well, the contractor recommended to us by our realtor suggested we put in a heat pump. He installed a 13seer AirTemp model #VT4BB 30k 2.5 tons. He also installed a new air handler in the attic, also an AirTemp. He installed a new water heater and the old oil tank was removed. The first month was a nightmare. There was at least a 10-15 degree difference between upstairs and downstairs and the thermostat never seemed to regulate anything correctly. The unit was icing over and the average temp outside was 45 degrees per my electric bill. He told us to switch it to emergency heat and came out to look at it probably 6 times over 2 and a half weeks. He finally brought out a friend and it turns out he had it wired incorrectly. Great. Even after fixing the wiring we still had a 10 degree difference between floors. Installing return vents upstairs and baffled vent covers seemed to fix that. That's when we got hit with our first bill from the electric company, $700 (4162 kwh). Ok, running on emergency heat for over 2 weeks could result in that, sure. He came out again, this time with an AirTemp rep who checked the unit and said it was wired correctly and the correct size for the house. She suggested we insulate the basement to further cut on the electric usage. We just got our second electric bill, $535 (3562 kwh). Yikes! Could this possibly be correct? It has been an avg of 40 degrees outside per my bill. We have a very efficient new refrigerator and dishwasher and we only do wash every third day. The house is set at 68 degrees and we have LED lights that we are religious about not leaving on when we aren't in a room. I was fully expecting a $200-250 bill in the winter months but this is outrageous. What can I do at this point? Is this normal?
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