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    I never noticed but the handle on my 18v Milwaukee is smaller than the handle on my compact drill. I've had the Milwaukee for over a year and I like it a lot.

    As you can see the compact craftsman drill, the veto bag and everything in it are like brand new. I've only had it for a few months. I like it a lot so far, its been working pretty good. I carry the compact drill it in my bag and use it to take panels off and drill holes, and I leave my 18v Milwaukee impact driver and drill in my van most the time.

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    I use this one.

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    The grip is nearly identical in feel to the one on the compact DeWalt but the head is more compact. Lifetime warranty. If mine ever quits, which it shows no signs of doing, I'll get another in a heartbeat. I've worn the rubber off of this drill in places and it still works like new. The batteries are also still the originals with no signs of fade at this time, with several years of service on it so far. I can't say enough about this drill.

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    I use this one when I can get it from my grandson..........
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    Ridgid 18V Impact and Drill Combo.

    Mainly, I just use the impact. I had a Dewalt 18V before this and this is about equal in power with somewhat longer battery life. Plus the push button battery level meter is nice.

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    Fav for svc work is the Dewalt 12v impact (the one with 5/16 bit) can keep up with big drills and easy filt in bagsName:  Dewalt12v20v.jpg
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Size:  28.3 KB, handle not as thick as the bosch 12v and the Dewalt has a belt clip, rarely use Dewalt 20v, Milwaukee kept in garage and Bosch on personal truck, I've replaced 12 volt batteries on Milwaukee but never on others. I'm somewhat of a tool horder.

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    I use the porter cable 12v lithium for service and porter cable 18v lithium (I bought the 18v combo, drill, sawzall, circular and flashlight) for installs.

    If I have to grab one real quick, its always the12v, I just love that thing!

    Also I can't say enough good about the porter cables, dollar for dollar I'm very happy =)

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    actually i have this one but i dropped a couple of time from a roof so i need a new one.
    And a friend of mine told me about the Dewalt 12 Volt

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    Quote Originally Posted by coolwhip View Post
    OMG LOLOLOL mine are not soo small

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    I use a 18v lithium Makita and have no complaints yet. I have the 9 piece set

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    I like Rigid.
    No impact, compact, high RPM, lots of torque. Has a chuck so I can use my step bit as well.

    Most of the compact drills will have a fatter grip, that's where the battery has to go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mstx View Post
    I live in Texas FW, someone told me about batteries and hot texas summer 110-115 F
    I haven't had any problems out of my milwaukee m12 impact in the summer heat.

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    I use the Ridgid 18v X4 impact driver for me I see no point in a 12v drill

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    Quote Originally Posted by Home&Marine View Post
    Milwaukee makes good tools but... I don't need a big honking 5 pound, 18 volt, triple gear reduction drill. I switched over to a Bosh last year and love it. The Milwaukee or Bosch are not cheap but you get what you pay for.

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    I have the first one in pic and the impact (bosch)
    Hands down, best I ever used

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