Went on a service call to a ranch 35 miles outside of Austin, to a 4000 sq ft house on a good sized ranch.

House had been empty since 1999, and now has a family moving into it. They needed 2 Ruud heat pump units
checked out since one worked part time, and the other did not run at all.

Both UPGB units, one 2.5 tons, other 5 tons, both 13 seer units, both mfg 01-96.

The 2.5 ton unit had a intermittent time delay module, 5 ton unit had ants in the contactor. Both units
ran perfect after these small fixes. Which I must say is darn good for 2 units that have not been used
for so long. Caps, motors, etc all checked good, but I did let them know that motors have a tendency
to go bad after sitting so long, and then going back into service.