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    Paint is cheap and obviously Impresses people.
    Nice looking plant, but first thing I noticed was, the non Manufacture recommended external oil filter installation (by the way it's not painted). See how paint covers many sins. Hahaha

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    Quote Originally Posted by tpodany88 View Post
    I guess you might know that from experience.
    I dont know what kind of band-aid shop you work at but we take care of our equipment.
    If you had taken the time to view my profile before you answered you would see that I dont work for a so called "band -aid" shop , and I too know how to use a spray can .
    I am a licensed millwright, refrigeration and natural/propane gas technician . I have probably seem more chiller/machine rooms than you have had hot meals .I have been doing this since I was 17 yrs old . I have also seen the gammut of machine rooms from the pristine to the downright dump and everywhere in between. Just because it looks nice dont mean sweet s&#t .All it means is someone had some spare money and wanted to impress someone with a nice paint job . Hell everyone thought the AMC Pacer was a nice car with a nice paint job. See my point ?
    Take a sows ear cover it with silk , it looks nice on the outside , but underneath its still a sows ear .
    Personally I would not want to work on those chillers for fear of getting them dirty , are there hospital over booties and white gloves for the techs to work on them ?? Do the techs have to put on white spray booth suits and wear masks for fear of contaminating them . !!
    The toy chest is officially full ... I got a new toy..... 2007 Aston Martin V8 Vantage and yes it still gives me goosebumps
    You bend em" I"ll mend em" !!!!!!!
    I"m not a service tech.. I"m a thermodynamic transfer analyst & strategic system sustainability specialist
    In the new big shop , greasin', oilin' . tweakin' n shinin' !!

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    He could have doubled the value of the machines if he had painted them executive beige.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Healey Nut View Post
    Get ready for some severe head scratchin when you have to calculate how to set up the dreaded kingsbury thrust bearing ??
    A co-worker and myself just finished setting up a Kingbury thrust this week on a 19XR. Reading the tools/measurements correctly is way more difficult than the actual math that is used.

    Roof Rat

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    This thread has gotten way to confusing.

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    Wow!!! I'm glad he didn't challenge the size or function of your pee-pee.......
    We might have got an accounting of every sports car you have ever driven or stood

    Good on you for asking questions and keeping it wiped down . makes sudden changes in apearance like oil easy to spot...
    It's All about a degree

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