Good evening, gentleman's.

Have a problem with McQuay Energyplus air cooled chiller (model name is ENP.B 125.2 SE LN) with Microtech II C Plus control panel. Chiller is equipped with the Sporlan TXV with 3-way valve and solenoid on suction line.
After starting up, compressor running about 2 minutes, and after that unit sops with the "Low pressure alarm".
Solenoid on the 3-way valve is not energized by the controller during operation, TXV stays in closed position, evaporating pressure is going to vacuum.
The strange thing is that this chiller doesn't have low pressure transducer, so there should not be "Low pressure alarm". There is only low pressure switch on each circuit.

The only suggestion is that previous serviceman change some settings in controller for some reason.
Does anybody know - is it possible to change the type of expansion valve in service menu?

Thanks to all in advance.