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    Exclamation Xenta 511 Programming

    Hey everyone,
    I'm new on here…but after lots of research I hope I am correct in assuming this will be the best place to get help.

    THE PROBLEM: Our TAC Xenta 511 device has entered into FAIL SAFE mode, the website provided by it is no longer reachable when trying to access it VIA the network. If I could somehow access FTP and make a back up of the site, or configure the site to be online that's what I need to do.

    I have heard of using XBuilder to configure it, but we do not have access to that software?

    Is there any command to disable FAIL SAFE mode? Maybe via Serial Connection? (We can connect via serial with cables and log in as well that way. I can see all of the websites files and so forth, it just seems like when you try to access the web page there is too many "redirects" and it never displays. Also note I have checked the cables/IP Settings and in theory all should work fine.)

    Thanks in advance everyone.

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    How do you know it's entered fail safe mode? Typically that accomplished by someone physically putting it in that mode. Does it ping?

    Have you restarted the device? Make sure you kill power to it for at least 30 seconds, easiest typically to just unplug it from it's base and then plug it back in

    You'll likely need cables and a console via serial. What happened to your local support?

    Again though you need certain software before you get too involved.

    Next is your Java version and can you access the device if you plug in directly to it via a crossover cable and set up a mini network between the device and your laptop?

    Note I see that by the status lights a document calls it 'fail safe'. My experience has been physically putting it in failsafe..
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    I wired a console cable, and can successfully connect using it. Brings up site name, and loging. I can login as well this way. There are two ways I know its in fail safe, first being the solid red light in the front, and from kicking the power to it and watching the boot diagnostics at the end, it enters into fail safe mode. with error number: 12289.

    I contacted the local reseller/designer and he said it will need to be rebuilt from ground up. Which is kind of crazy, considering I can see and navigate all directories and files in console/serial mode. (/www /sys all of them are there and the files all have content which i displayed using the command 'cat')

    In the browsermode.cfg file it is set to "0" for broswer mode. Seems one could modify that value to allow the web page to be readable. However since I dont know how to back up the system VIA console, and dont have a copy of XBuilder Im afraid to try too much on here.

    Java versions have not changed, the system accessing it has not changed.

    I have not tried leaving the power off for 30 seconds though....that may be worth the shot.

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    Tried the system reboot, went back to the web address in the browser, and it said
    "Click here to login"

    It will load the login page, but doesnt go past that evenwith proper credentials. And if I try and FTP in it asks for credentials butnever makes it past that either. I checked the FTP.cfg file and it is there and set up for 4 users with a time out of 5 minutes. So that seems okay. Im just stumped really, and it seems like it should be relativley easy to solve, but maybe not.

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    If it has to be built from the ground up then they didn't send the backup to the device and/or they don't have a back up on hand. This can be ugly...

    What version is this?

    If you're in via console type sysinfo and hit enter after you login.
    That will give the specific version and hardware info.

    Do you have TAC Vista Workstation?

    What browser are you using and what version?

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    Sorry, I have been offline for a couple. I've pulled the system information for you, as well as the error file contents. Maybe it will give some insight to the more knowledgable.

    Here are the links to both contents (On



    I really hope that these two come in handy for you.

    No we do not have a TAC Vista Workstation setup.

    Browsers that I am using are diverse. From FireFox 12, Internet Explorer 8, to Safari 6.1.5 and FireFox 30. I have tried at least 5 different browsers, and nearly all browser setting combinations with those. To no avail.

    It seems that it was a set it up and forget it operation.

    It was installed before I came to work here, but as the IT guy I try to expand my skills base every opportunity and I don't feel like this is outside of my limits.

    Thanks again for your help!

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    This is 5 versions old. Since it is XB 5 you need a license to run XB.

    I am not sure if one can tell via FTP if the backup file was sent to the device.

    Has this ever worked since you've been here? If so when did it last work?

    Do you know how many devices are under it? If it's a small basic system, say a few devices or less with 'simple' graphics it might be easier to start from scratch.

    What I don't like is I see it is version 5.0.3 yet it was loaded with xb 5.1.4. Versions should match, so this tells me firmware wasn't updated when the device was loaded.

    You're really likely going to have to get a Pro in there.

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    Well, I had hopes. Haha

    Yeah it was working when I got here. I did not mess with it much as it was under the maintenance supervisor control.

    But when it went down thats when he got me on the task of getting it going again. The last instance that it was supposed to be working was when it was connected to a small home netgear router. The router in turn connected to an AT&T dsl modem. The internet network set up for it was seperate from the rest of the school. It was set up in a gym, which was used to monitor the heating and air systems. The network had a public and static IP through the ISP. The router was set up to port forward to the xenta device's web portal.

    But it is in FAIL SAFE you mentioned...something must have triggered that. We HAVE had numerous strong storms, with power outages...but...cutting power shoild cause that unless it surged. But we have the proper breakers/etc. Installed.

    Im unsure of the number of devices connected. I would not see it being a very large amount. But...starting from scratch would require XB like you said.

    I posted the wrong file for the error log. Im not at work at the moment, and will not be until monday....but I think hidden in it could be a clue to the trained eye. I have at times been able to bring up the login page. (Web server configuration side). It seems that getting that page to come up sometimes is a 50/50 thing.

    Once I type in proper credentials, it acts as if it wants to redirect to the proper index page. But then it hangs. I feel it could be as simple as a configuration file having been corrupted. Which like you said may take a Pro most likely. I am able to browse the device in console mode. I can print all the config files.

    Its just intriguing I guess more than anything. One can't help but want to solve a problem that he has zero experience in....just looks good on the person.

    Is your final answer to just go ahead and trace down whoever installed, or whoever it is we need to contact to have it serviced?

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    Breakers don't help for this. A UPS for that device would be 'best' but just surge suppression should be adequate.

    'Dirty' power for long enough could cause this.

    As to the redirect I do recall an issue I had in which the redirect page wouldn't quite get the correct data due to the port forwarding, it was basically because the device goes from https to http once you login, but since this worked before unless you changed router settings and then to add the issue the lights...

    Yep call the pro's. I just really hoped they sent the backup to the device, if they did then they should be able to recover 'easily'....and make sure you have them match firmware and xb versions.

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    Hmmm…I'm going look into the port forwarding just a little bit more. I saved all configurations before I made any changes to the network set up. I may restore the router settings, and set the network cables back up as they should be. The device is meant to be accessed through the router which does do port forwarding to it setting it as the local web server for the network. So maybe, just maybe I can emulate the setup somehow the way it was before. A falsetto internet, where the device thinks that all the servers that were there before still are. I have all the IP addresses and settings to do this with. And a few extra machines so it may be worth a shot just to look into, who knows?

    I think I am about sure that I seen a compressed folder on the Xenta Device when I consoled in, said something like, or So fingers crossed that its what I think it is.

    One last question, in console mode, how would I copy a file from the device VIA hyper terminal? or Is there another way to do so?

    Is there a .PDF or site that has a list of commands that are not displayed when you type '?' or 'help' ? I can see those commands and run them, but I have scoured them for network/file transfer type commands but cannot find anything. It has file commands, and a 'Copy' command but I have no way of telling it to send it through the terminal, or even across ethernet.

    I have to say I appreciate you working with me, it's been a major advantage to googling the heck outta everything. But like I told them when I got hired here a year ago, If I don't know how to do something, I will find out how, and I'll do it.

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    Also, I will be looking into a proper power configuration for the device with a simple UPS or something, thanks for that insight.

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    If you direct connect with a crossover cable and set your pc to the same network then you should be able to test the port forward issue as you'll get around the port forwarding. I've used the help to rebuild projects that didn't have the backup file in them and the original contractor didn't have. All it really did was tell me the layout of the device and 'some' of the stuff that was in there before.
    I am not aware of being able to copy a file via the console. Good luck and I hope your local contractor helps you out. It's a pretty simple scan to see if they sent the backup to the device and if you have remote access to it then it can be done remotely. I wish the send backup to target box was checked by default, but unfortunately it isn't, so many people don't check that box and in turn have no backup....

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    Well, I guess its one more crack at port forwarding troubleshooting, if that fail I will let them know to contact the service dealer.

    Want to just say I honestly appreciate your thorough and friendly help. You should be paid to get on here if you are not already.

    So thank you, if you have any IT problems, or odd ball tech problems shoot me an email at and I will return the favor for these past few weeks of your help.

    Have a good one!

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