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is this in an attic?
No, it's in a crawl space under the house. The house is 101 years old.

Here's a video I just took.


I believe the model is a RGPS. Gas, updraft. I need to find the papers on it...

As for the registers.... there are 5 downstairs and 4 upstairs. The are all approximately
(did not measure).... 4" x 10" each. One downstairs is kept closed since it's only 4 feet from the T-Stat. The house is pretty small Sq Ft about 1100 or so.

I just remembered..... Here are some pics of the old furnace when we bought the house 17 years ago. I cleaned up a lot of that mess since. You're gonna love how the previous owner had the AC condensation drain set up!!


To give a better idea of the size house, here's pics of it.