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    Flush a Triangle Tube Smart30 hot water tank?


    Last summer we upgraded our boiler to a Triangle Tube prestige solo, with a Smart30 indirect hot water tank... We live in an area where city water has a high mineral content, and they flush the water mains frequently, leading to discolored water. We are starting to get discolored hot water, all he time, so I think the tank needs to be flushed, but can't find in the manual how. I have tried calling the installer, but he isn't returning my calls. Is it just as easy as my last conventional gas fired hot water heater - just open drain valve and let it go until the water turns clear?

    Thanks for any help.

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    I would call the manufacturer and get their procedure... or a referral to someone they recommend. You can also check the 'find a contractor' section of this forum.

    My co installs two brands of tankless DWH's and we service them... flushing is considered regular maintenance. Again, check with the manufacturer before attempting anything.

    Warning: The procedure may look simple... however a minute detail not mentioned may well cause a MAJOR issue... including failure of the boiler. Caution and thorough understanding of the product and procedure would be recommended.

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    We are factory certified to install and service Triangle Tube Boilers and indirects here in Minneapolis.

    This is an indirect-fired water heater, not a tank-less. There is not part of a condensing boiler system that lends itself to DIY.

    Call the factory and ask for a list of local certifed/factory trained contractors in you area. It does not sound like the water heater is the problem, unless it is exclusive to the hot water side. Flush for more than 15 minutes.

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    thanks forr the replies. After they flush the hydrants on our road, our water gets discolored from the sediment disrupted in the pipes, and after a short while goes back to normal...the problem with the hot water is the sediment stays in the tank...therefore making all the hot water slightly discolored. with our previous conventional boiler i would just flush until clear. I have found out its basically the same concept with the smart tank. I flushed this morning for about 20 minutes, until the water ran clear.

    Thanks again for the help.

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