So...I am a new guy, but they think I have I helped a veteran install a KE2 for a small town grocery chain. If they like it, we can maybe sell many more. Things went well. Weird shaped walk in freezer with an alcove and two evaps ran off of the low temp rack. We replaced one evap with a brand new one, and just installed a defrost sensor in the other one. One return air sensor behind the new evap. That was Wednesday. Today they sent me over with a laptop and a router to "see how it was working." Seemed fine to me. Holds temp within a degree. 4 defrosts since being installed 24 hours ago, I think. But I can't really read the chart from the graphs menu. Are there more detailed graphs or reports I can access?

The old evaporator was ten degrees colder than the new one. I chalk that up to being dirty as well as being mounted too close to the back wall. The old evap we replaced was six inches from the wall. The new one we installed was 23 inches "tall" so we installed it 23 inches from the wall....which didn't go over well.

Points, tips, comments, criticisms welcome. I am in this for the long haul and want to know how I can do better.