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Thread: doubts

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    Hmm doubts

    school is starting next week and starting to doubt and worry that I wont be able to comprehend everything and pass the school.

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    you will not have to learn EVERYTHING no one here knows it all.

    main thing you need to learn is the basics and how to find the answers to your questions.

    main thing to learn is how not to screw something up or get yourself killed.

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    Like everything else, you will start out knowing very little and graduate not knowing everything. School will provide you with the basic understanding, but you will become an excellent HVAC tech only after being in the field a while and dealing with the real issues.

    This is a great trade to enter, and can provide you an excellent future. Keep your eyes and mind open. Look for the best techs anywhere you go, and try to learn how they approach the work. In a few years, a new to the trade person will be asking you the same questions.

    The trade is becoming more complex and will probably change as energy issues and government regulations impact.

    You are getting in at a great time. It will be even more complex in the future.

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    Keep an open mind. dig into everything and don't be afraid to ask questions. be prepared to screw up a few times before getting one right. if you come across something that you don't understand go home and study it till you understand it. stick to the basics and go from there. stick around this site and you'll learn from some of the smartest people in the industry. best of luck to you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JLEE91 View Post
    school is starting next week and starting to doubt and worry that I wont be able to comprehend everything and pass the school.
    I can Understand what your going through about now. I am also a fulltime student.
    It had been many many years since i last set foot in a classroom. I actually had to have my daughter clue me into study habits (she is an "A" student)

    if it helps, here is how i have been handling my worries and doubts.

    I sit in the front row, i try to participate with the instructor, as well as my fellow classmates.

    After my first week, i picked out a few students who seemed like they were very interested in the class, and gravitated towards that group. Glad i chose them as the ones in the back rows have all but washed out in the last month an a half alone.

    In class well all tend to help each other out as well. we bounce questions and such off each other.

    Ask lots of questions, be sure your questions get answered.

    Take lots of notes. even if its not in the books, if your instructor writes or draws something on the board, even if its just an FYI type thing for later down the road, note it. if its in the books, still write it down, by writing things down, it helps you brain to store it in memory.

    Definately, do your homework, do every single bit of it. dont skip out on anything. or it can bite you big time.

    By participating in class, it shows your instructor you are interested. and if he/she knows your interested, they will do their best to keep you interested. Every good teacher wants to have a captive audience.

    also, keep reading things on this forum, i have learned alot just from reading these members experienes.

    Remember, your definately not alone. alot of us are currently in the same situation right now as you are.

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