Hi everyone,
We just picked up a new contract with 4 York YK's (only a few years old) and one of them is leaking freon around the PRV and VGD control shafts.

Im fascinated that BOTH of the shafts are leaking and the chiller and it is only a few years old. I have also learned that this chiller might have had vibration issues and was left off for part of the season. I pulled the charge out of it and were getting prepared to do the PRV and VGD shafts in the next couple weeks. I have replaced the PRV control shaft seals on the YT's, but haven't had to do PRV or VGD shafts on a YK yet.

I found the renewal parts sheet form 160.73-RP2. I am currently looking for a teardown manual for this chiller.

Heres the info:
YDHF-52VDD compressor
575 volt VSD

Can anyone send me the teardown manual for this chiller? I'm also looking for the VSD service manual, form 160.00-M1.

I appreciate any help I can get.