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    Trane CHHP Screw Compressor Service Manuel

    Can anyone help me in downloading Trane CHHP Screw Compressor Service Manuel. I want to know how to remove the bearing housing of the compressor. Please help.

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    There are troubleshooting guides, as far as a service manual for teardowns... to my knowledge Trane does not put out a manual, in other words they don't want you to take the compressor apart for rebuild. It's not that it can't be done, I've never done it, there maybe a compressor rebuild shop in your area that knows how. Definetly not something to try in the field. CHHP is this on an RTAC? Out of curiosity why do want to remove the bearing housing?
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    Not sure what your planning on doing but as txhvac said, chhp compressors, as well as most screws are not rebuildable in the field.

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    need help with a Trane CHHP Screw Compressor

    I am looking for a manual for a CHHP compressor. I am looking for a check out procedure for the slide vale operation. I have a compressor that will not load or unload.

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    RTAC-SVD02A-EN is the publication number you need so you'll know what to ask for when you go into your local Trane office.
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    Thanks for the info. My local supply house is e mailing me the doc.

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    elldog64,I know is been a long time but do you still keep that doc. on the trane screw comp? I would like to have too if you may, Thanks My email is on profile

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    Do you by any chance still have an electronic copy of the document you mentioned?

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    Hey jpsmith1cm

    The answer to my request is:

    Thanks, I think you can lock this one!

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