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seriously, not even you can be that stupid. Ya, I suppose someone could convert these toys to a full "Military" weapon if they had........a Bridgeport Mill machine ($8000-$15,000) a 48" metal turning lathe ($3000-$10,000) and about $30,000 worth of tooling. Ya, any kid or parent can convert one of these.

Seriously, you should go join the ATF, or Homeland security, you'll fit right in. Be sure to ware your Brown wool uniform shirt with the SS on the collar so no one mistakes you for an intelligent person
I never said I agreed with these people....

As for calling me stupid..... which is what you did above....but wont be called out by the mods for it....

But anyhow.....as for being stupid....... Its not me with the governments jackboot jammed into my neck pinning me to the ground......lol

How do you like it down there on the ground..... face driven into the dirt by your own state government.......lol