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    Post Finding the Best HVAC Employees: Is that the Ball Dropping or Another Shoe?

    As an industry, we hunt for the “perfect” employee. There’s no such thing. It’s so much better to grow great employees from within your company.

    For residential HVAC contractors, 2013 is the year where manpower shortages have finally slammed mechanical systems company owners and managers in the head.

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    I find employers want a 25 year old Technician with 30 yrs of experience in everything from Chillers to Restaurant ice machines, from Gas direct fired make up air units to ground source heat pumps etc. They would also like you to know the building code and plumbing drainage installation. How about willing to do a little carpentry? Have you any experience with door locks? Are you willing to work after hours and be on call? Oh, and did I mention that we have GPS on your truck and smartphone so we can monitor your every move ....that way, if we don't like your face (at some time in the future) we can fire yur arse without problem.

    This industry is asking too much of HVAC tradesmen. What it boils down to is NO RESPECT for the trade.

    now I feel a little better.....

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    Some company that I use to work for years ago the General Manager once said that Technicians were like a bunch of lemons just squeeze all the juice out of them and when your done throw them away and get a new bunch , I guess we are running out of good lemons these days its only gonna get worse as time goes on.
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    Shortages in motivated young professionals makes for an interesting dynamic. It allows people like me, that have the drive and willingness to go the extra 500 miles an option to excel and to prosper in the field. Even though I have a blue Mohawk ( I wear a hat in front of customers ) and have tattoos, my employer is able to see past this and look solely at my work ethic, knowledge and ability. So I for one am grateful to all of those retiring and to those to lazy to work.

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