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    Some boards look for micro-amps, some tenths of micro-amps. Always DC.
    Remember, Air Conditioning begins with AIR.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kevin O'Neill View Post
    Some boards look for micro-amps, some tenths of micro-amps. Always DC.
    Thanks that would explain it. Maybe my meter wasnt sensitive enough to read the Micro amps on this particular unit although i know i did read .1 uA on a unit befor i cleaned it. If it was much less than that i doubt my meter would pick it up. Giving the size of this flame rod it would make since it feeds back less uA . Thanks again good to know

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    Quote Originally Posted by rich pickering View Post
    we had a guy use a screwdriver as a temp rod. It worked.
    Bingo, I taught our guys to take proper reads FIRST and then if in doubt use jumper and screwdriver and also take read from that.

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    I must say, I ALWAYS clean flame sensors with sand cloth. I have never had issues with said flame sensors ... ever due to sand cloth cleaning...

    Stay safe out there bros.
    I may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but compared to some I'm a razor...

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    How did i get so many?

    Cleaning out one of the vans! Can't believe all the stuff that was found.
    Ended up cleaning then testing the ones that looked ok on the shop furnace.

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