I live on a beach in the tropics. Right on the beach, 20 meters from the seawall. Although everyone on the beach has problems with corrosion from the salt in the air, they're 50 meters from the high tide line, by law, but I have an apartment in a building built before the seawall. So I'm close enough to the ocean to not need air conditioning or heating, computers last less than a year in the high humidity and the salt in the air.

I'm looking for a solution to the corrosion problem only in my small office. The office is currently staying at 80 degrees (it's summer). The floor, walls and ceiling are masonry. Would a portable dehumidifier take the humidity out of the air (it's really humid here!) and the salt along with it? Would a filter remove the salt from the air?

The standard solution for offices and computer rooms here is to install an air conditioner. But I'd have a compressor, compressor and fan hanging out in the sea breeze. It might last a year.

Any suggestions on how to remove the salt from my office air? Reducing the humidity would be nice, too!