I hope this isn't a recent duplicate, I've been searching a while and can't find good answers.

Just built new house in Michigan with 92% efficiency furnace, gas power vent water heater and gas clothes dryer. They put a fresh air vent in the laundry room (main floor), fresh air vent into furnace return (basement), and two into the utility room (1 at the ceiling and one at the floor)(Basement). I know the two in the utility are for water heater, furnace has its own intake for the combustion through the PVC. I checked all of them tonight and cold air is flushing in through all of the vents. The basement is constantly colder than it should be, and the house always feels drafty, I know fresh air is important in the the house but its killing comfort and the whole point of efficiency. My parents have had two high efficiency furnaces and gas water heater and gas dryers and the HVAC contractor didn't install the fresh air vents. Their house is 30 yrs old, larger than ours, feels much more comfortable and I bet they will be spending less on heating costs each month than we will in our 1 month old house.

What are my options for stopping the cold air from the vents? Do I need so many vents?

Options I've found online but not much info on each
- Have vent go into bucket
- Put elbows on vents to hold cold air
- Dampers

I know an HVAC guy that I will contact sometime next week, but would like some other opinions.....I saw our gas bill for the last month tonight and not happy for an "Energy Star" house...hense the reason for asking tonight.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!!