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    Quote Originally Posted by t527ed View Post
    only if he is the original owner, or if unit is under 20 years old.
    with that model # i'm thinking he's past the 20 year mark.
    with a home warranty i doubt he's the original owner.
    Good point! They have a loop hole that might apply to the original poster that if not the first owner or unit is over 20 years old they want cover it. I can't say as I blame them for this rule.

    I wouldn't even try to do this. The furnace is past it average life span. Although I have seen many 20 year old furnaces that are still working as I am sure we all have. As far as the Lennox pulse furnaces this would not be a unit that I would sink $$$ into or for that matter any unit that old.

    Take the buy out find you a good contractor and get a new furnace installed that has warranty. This way you want have to keep worrying about a 20 year furnace and if the warranty company installers did the job right.

    I must say again that home warrantys are a joke when it comes to heating and cooling equipment, water heaters and electrical work. They will send out the lowest cost person to try and fix and or replace the system.

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    Thank you I will be calling a Lennox dealer on Monday. I am not the original owner and the unit would be 24 year old.

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