I've used this site for several years to read posts associated with issues I've had but never registered. Well...I'm here now because I want to give as well as take. I have done the whole span of just about everything in my 20+ years of this field, but definitely haven't seen it all. I have finally found a great employer and am doing the part of this field I like the most...Commercial refrigeration. I respect Residential guys alot but I just can't deal to well with Joe and Jane Homeowner. Honestly, I hate collecting money and the drama involved. My take: don't call me unless you want it fixed correctly, efficently, honestly (as if it were mine) and you dont mind spending the money to have it that way. Yes, I know some commercial owners are difficult too, but mostly they just want it fixed now. I also have a blast doing ice machines and some restaurant stuff, but I really like the big stuff. Anyway, great to be here and participating in a beneficial way. Chill