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Thread: Shipping Wars

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    Shipping Wars

    Are these guys serious?

    These guys show up and have all these problems and net next to nothing. This show has to be pure fiction.

    If I was a hot shotter the stuff would be created and ready to load. Then the box would be delivered at address and the reciever would be responsible for the rest.

    And what's up with the unrealistic dead lines.
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    It's all about drama and ratings.

    Similar questions I have about the Turtle Man. That man is nuts, but there's no way to "act" out grabbing critters that want to eat your fingers. But the part I find sketchy is how he spends all day getting a coon, and gets a dozen eggs for payment. *shrugs*
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    Those guys make very good money , don't let the show fool you.

    I shipped some rooftop units from Jacksonville to Pensacola and the guy I dealt with was professional and quick get in and out.

    It is not a countdown like they show on the show. It is a back and fourth negotiation over days not minutes.

    The show sets up the things being shipped and shows them bidding on them.

    Try googling net worth for most of them and it might surprise you

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    The show pays them too........ thats ho the Gold Rush guys make their money..... Look at their expenses vs the gold they get..... they come out at a loss on the gold.....but like gangbusters from what the tv show pays them plus their product placement and endorsement fees.

    And yes... the shows are somewhat staged..... not so much scripted...... but situations are set up....
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    I watch it lol

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    The couple from Myrtle Beach, SC are real and have an expanding business. However, if any of these show characters were not nutty or do stupid stuff there would be no show. Some act for the camera in these shows and some is "re-created". The only thing carrying some of these shows is the cute chicks:
    American Hoggers
    Storage Wars
    Shipping Wars

    However, Duck Dynasty is in a class all its own. Those rednecks are just funny! I realize the producers are using the stereotyping of the rest of the country to mock and laugh at Southerners, red necks and idiots but just understand you have idiots and rednecks everywhere from Alaska to big cities, East and West Coast, and everywhere in between.

    The turtle man would need a license in many states to handle wild critters and is an idiot for catching them by hand. They showed Shelby Stanga jumping into water, grabbing a water moccasin and getting bitten. I guess there are no disclaimers strong enough to cover that sort of idiocy, whether staged or not. If that was a real cotton mouth bite with envenomation he would be showing scars where all the dead tissue had to be debrided from his body.

    Not sure where the law is but several of those Ax Men belong in jail for assault and battery, vandalism, theft, etc.

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    Most of it has to be staged I was on extreme home makeover a few years back. It was eye opening on how much it staged for the reality TV dramatics.

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    Storage wars is set up how do they always find rare expensive items in old storage lockers, bull, if the stuff was worth money the folks who owned the storage locker would have sold it.
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