I had a phone interview the other day (I'll refer to the interviewer as "he"), and He was impressed with my resume. I am an 8 year certified HVAC service and repair tech, and am looking to get into the service side of the Local 250. I mostly did residential and commercial work. I am a service tech, NOT a parts changer. Anyway He asked if I had chiller and/or controls experience, which I have none. He asked me if I'm comfortable working on 30 ton package units, which I CAN be. I've never worked on anything bigger than 15 tons, but I can imagine the 30 tonner's are just bigger applications, with more safety's and lockouts. he also asked if I was opposed to doing the apprenticeship program, which I told him I have no problem. SO anyway, he says he's going to shop some contractors for me (Really nice and helpful guy), and then it's up to me to get the job. Question is, should I do the apprentice with UA? Could I maybe be grandfathered in with my experience to a certain level (apprentice 3, etc.). Any thing I should look out for, or expect? Honestly I don't feel very comfortable working on 30 tons yet, but I'm a very fast and efficient learner. And seeing how I know the science and concepts behind HVAC systems, I don't think it should take me long to apply that science to bigger applications?