I have received a very good price for the installation of a Rheem RGTM06 (1st floor) and a Rheem RGTM04 (2nd floor) 95% AFUE gas furnace by a contractor I feel comfortable with. Our house is situated directly on the Toms River and our home's crawlspace was flooded by Sandy ruining all ductwork and insulation. We took this as an opportunity to upgrade our HVAC system. Previously, we had a Goodman heat pump system which was less than stellar. We are going to rewire our outside heat pump units into AC units. The furnaces will contain a Goodman convertible (R22/410A) AC coil so that we can use it with our current R22 Goodman outside AC units and upgrade to a Rheem 410A outside AC unit in the future once the Goodman's die.
NJ warmadvantage will not recognize the Rheem RGTM (downflow/horizontal flow) for their $400 rebate. They will recognize the Rheem RGRM (same unit only upflow). A call to Rheem confirmed that the ECM motors are different for the RGTM and RGRM. The RGTM motor does not meet energystar requirements but the furnace still achieves 95% AFUE. The install price is still good enough not to worry about the rebates BUT I did notice that all the Rheem furnaces had the lowest AFUE of all the manufacturers on the warmadvantage approved list.

1. Does anyone have experience with the Rheem RGTM and were you happy?
2. Should I be concerned that NJ does not recognize this furnace? My current opinion is that the Rheem is a good mid level unit with 95% AFUE and it should be relatively cost efficient to run.
3. Please share any other pertinent opinions.