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    How to increase air flow to bedroom

    Classic problem I suppose. The bedroom duct furthest from the furnace puts out very little air. There is a return near that sucks very strong. The duct is 8'x6" that converts to 6" round inside the wall, but even in the basement, the duct itself isnt warm to the touch when the heat is on. There is a little air movement, but really not very much.

    I cant really run new ducts all over the place, so I was thinking about some kind of booster fan. Think that would help?

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    best way to get air where it is needed is to adjust everyplace else for less air.
    the entire system needs to be balanced.
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    Make sure there is no manual damper closed off in the run-would most likely be close to the furnace or main duct.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vstech View Post

    best way to get air where it is needed is to adjust everyplace else for less air.
    the entire system needs to be balanced.
    True -- I agree this is definitely the correct (and only) way to correct existing duct systems with many portions inaccessible. However, on older systems you have to be careful. Depending on the actual duct layout, when you start the add and adjust dampers you should also be prepared for a higher total ESP which is (not always, but likely) already high to begin with. A restrictive or dirty filter added into the equation would only add to the performance deficiency. The overarching solution is to thoroughly examine the duct system, make improvements to minimize pressure drops, and/or make improvements in existing equipment.

    Joey: Does this 8x6 come off the main supply plenum off the furnace/coil? What is the approximate length (if you had to guess)? The number and types of fittings will also affect airflow. What are the size(s) of the other trunk lines from the main plenum? Also curious roughly how big the bedroom is (is it a master?) to require one 6" round duct.

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