Hi all! I am not sure this is an issue or not, but it is really bugging the heck out of me and I really need to know the answer.
I live in Western PA, it was 17 degrees this morning, going up to around 40 today.
Using a Honeywell, non programmable digital thermostat
Main heat is a Concord 90+ High Efficiency Gas furnace converted to Propane (forced air). This system is about 4 maybe 5 years old. Has the air filter.
In 2011 I added in a heat pump to use as a backup heat in spring and fall (trying to reduce costs on propane use) / AC unit for summer.
Have been using both for 2 years now… with no issues that I could tell.
The way the thermostat is hooked up is that HEAT is the heat pump, EMER HEAT is the Gas Furnace.
The way we use it is: During the fall/spring, if the outside temp is over 45-50 degrees we use the HEAT (aka the heat pump), if the outside temp is UNDER 45-50 degrees we switch over to the EMER Heat (aka Gas Furnace).
This is fine except this year I noticed the following:
We went away a few weekend and ran into something I think is odd. When went away for a weekend we turn the heat down (no need to heat an empty place), usually turn in inside temp down to 55 (with the outside temp being so cold lately, we have it on EMER HEAT - aka Gas Furnace). When we arrived back, we turn it back up to around 64-65 - well, here is what I am running into:
Keep in mind that we have it on EMER HEAT / Gas Furnace: I turn the heat up to 64 the heat kicks on in about a minute, it runs and the Honeywell Thermostat goes from HEAT to AUX Heat. Now I noticed this happening the last 3 times we went away and came back. So this time I decided to turn up the heat slowly. I went from 55 to 57, within a minute of the heat kicking on Honeywell Thermostat goes from HEAT to AUX Heat, I turn it down to 56 and AUX Heat goes back to HEAT. I kick it back up to 57 and it goes back to AUX heat.
It also, and this may be just me since now I am worried, seems to run the fan more often after the heat kicks off.
Is this normal, should I be worried. Should I call a repair man?
Help! Thanks!