I have a Byrant 2-ton heat pump (2 years old). My heating is acting weird or should it do this. Here is the problem.

Lets say the room temperature is 67. Outside air temp is around 50. When I set my thermostat to 68-69, it blows out air that is around 73-74 deg. (feels like cool air). If i set it three deg higer from 67, like 70 and above, the +1 on thermostat (heat strips) go on and air temp is around 85-87 deg.

Is it suppose to do this? Because without my the heat strips going on, my thermostat never goes up in measuring room temp. ....it just keeps running for a long time. and this causes my energy bill to be soo high.

Is it suppose to do this or should the temp be high without heat strips going on? Need help!