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    Question What's this worth

    I Am a HVAC tech in training and we just received new units In Our class my instructor gave us the old ones that are in perfect condition I don't have any use for it so i wanna put it on Craigslist but I dont have a clue on what to ask for it. it Name:  image.jpg
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Size:  91.9 KBis a Byrant R410 a puron model number 591bn060-a. I received the condensing unit and the evap. Coil both of them were kept indoors and are in excellent condition. So whatcha think would be a fair asking price? Thanks for our time.

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    Hmmm.....considering they have been used in a tech school and probably "atmospherically discharged" and evacuated/charged a million times one might wonder a teeny bit about the purity. A wild guess on my part would be $1000 for both. Of course you need to find someone who needs a 5 ton uncased coil. I'd bet you can sell the condenser easily and take the evaporator to the scrap dealer.
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