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    Anyone use one? Are they worth the investment? I've never seen one used, but they seem like a great idea, if they work. It claims to work on masonary bits, HSS, and most other twist bits. Anyway, any info would be great. Thanks guys.

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    I've used them before and they work ok. They won't make the most accurately sharpended bit, but they do a pretty darn good job. There is a bit of a learning curve to using them though.

    I prefer to sharpen them by hand, but I say that because #1, I don't have a drill dr, and #2 I spend almost 2 weeks learning how to sharpen them by hand, so that helped a TON.
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    The newest model has an adjustment for how much you take off of the point. Helps when you have a chipped bit and need to remove a bunch, or just need to touch up a bit. Saves a bunch of time. I got mine from McMaster-Carr, their part # 4440A41, page 2533, got to $ 180.17. The other model I bought (previous to this newer model) did not have this feature and took forever to clean up a chipped bit and I never use it anymore.
    That being said, yes, I use it all the time, keep it off to the side of my bench. Every now and then I bring in my bit box and go through them all. It's great to always know when you grab a bit that it's always gonna be sharp as new. I only buy good, high quality bits, so it's worth it to sharpen them and they last forever. No more buying el cheapo bits that dulled drilling the first hole. (I also buy my bits from McMaster).

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